Caring for hearts from ours.

At Houston Heart, our mission is to ensure that your patients receive exceptional cardiac care no matter the level of acuity or need. The partnership between you, your patients, and our highly-skilled cardiologists ensures the best care available.

Houston Heart — Medical Center offers a collaboration tool that assist both you and the Cardiologist to easily communicate, collaborate, and accelerate care in one convenient platform.

Through our resource you can send patient images and records immediately, communicate with us real time, eliminate redundant test and images for your patients, and improve the patients flow and seamless continuity of care experience.

All of this is available so that we can get to your patients faster and meet their healthcare needs. Our patient workflow manager is available to you. Please call our office for more information or to refer a patient today at (713) 522-0220.

We look forward to caring for your patients.

To utilize HCA Houston Medical Center's patient record and image platform utilize the below links.